About Us

We’re Andrew and Heather Word. We’ve always worked well together as a team, even before we were married. Now we’re married with two beautiful little girls which has only caused our teamwork to grow stronger. We absolutely love doing everything together! We share a love for art and good design. We believe that “Simple is good,” in life, design and photography.

We like to help businesses, big or small. Whether you need a compelling brand, custom printed materials, a website, or social media management, we can help you achieve your goal.

We have a passion for photography and love capturing special moments. We specialize in wedding photography as well as bridal and senior portraits.

our name

We both grew up in close-knit families full of entrepreneurs – retailers, structural movers, and barbers to name a few. We were inspired to learn that Andrew’s great-grandfather operated a seven-chair barbershop in the 1920s. We think it’s pretty special that we’re carrying on an entrepreneurial legacy nearly 100 years later as Sevenchair Design Company.