1. Discovery

Our initial step is to meet with you to discuss your project. We will gather as much information as possible about your needs. We will discover what your expectations are for the project. The more information you can provide, the better.

2. Proposal

After we discuss your project and your needs, we will provide a proposal for you that includes the cost for the project and an estimated time-frame for completion.

3. Research

Once you accept our proposal, we will use the information you provided and begin doing research for your project. We will take into account your competitors, your target audience, and your goals.

4. Initial Concepts

We will begin creating initial versions or ‘rough drafts’ for your project. These will be presented to you for feedback.

5. Revisions

After you have had a chance to review the concept designs, we will take your feedback and begin revising the designs to create another round of options for you to review.

6. Finalizing / Delivery

Once all revisions have been made, we will finalize the work for production and/or printing. The project will be delivered to you or your printer in any/all file formats that may be needed.